TEXAS GUN SCHOOL, LLC is focused on training individuals to safely, confidently and legally use firearms.  We can help whether your goal is simply to become a more accurate marksperson or you wish to earn your Texas Carry  License. 

Our classes are constructed in a manner that allows free discussion in a non-threatening environment.  No matter what your life experience with a firearm, we have a class that is right for you. 

Our instructors are professionals who conduct classroom and range environments in a manner condusive to respectful learning.  You will be treated with respect and expected to do the same for class members. 

Our top goal is safety.  We work to make certain every person in class has the skillsets required to appropriately transport, handle and discharge a firearm so everyone has a great time. 

We live by three rules:

1.    The firearm is always pointed in a safe direction.
2.    Our fingers are never on the trigger until we are ready to shoot
3.    The firearm is always unloaded until ready for use. 
Explore the many options available from TEXAS GUN SCHOOL, LLC.  Give us a call today at 214-704-3329 and begin learning why so many people enjoy the sport of shooting.


About Us

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