Steps to CHL in Texas

  1. Take the Texas Gun School Carry Class FIRST

  2. Complete your Range Qualification  

  3. Go to the Texas DPS site and complete the online application.  The application shortcut can be found on this site under the tab marked "Getting Your Texas CHL."  After you register at the DPS site for the application and answer the questions on the pages that follow, you will pay the appropriate Texas fee.  Make certain to print and keep the receipt page with the large barcode on the top.  This code has your personal application number you will need to get your fingerprinting and application finished.   You will also get a service number needed to apply for your fingerprinting. 

  4. From the Texas DPS application site OR from the tab provided by Texas Gun School labeled "Getting Your Texas CHL" you now schedule and have electronic fingerprinting using the service code provided on your bar code receipt page.  Make certain your follow the instructions EXACTLY as provided by the site.  Choose a zip code close to where you would like to have your fingerprinting completed.  If it is more convenient close to work use that zip code to find the available participating site. 

    After you complete the course, application and fingerprinting you will FAX the required forms to the DPS at 512-424-7284.  The forms you must fax are the CHL-100 (course paperwork with instructor signatures and your signature on the bottom), DPS application receipt page with the barcode and the fingerprint receipt page.

  5. Processing your application, if there are no delays due to information needed etc, will take approximately three to four weeks.         


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