Texas CHL License


Texas Gun School is committed to professional training that will prepare you for the responsibility of holding a Texas Concealed Handgun License.  We cover all the state of Texas required material but also spend a lot of time talking about how to prevent the use of a weapon.

Texas DPS requires 4-6 hours classroom and range qualification for licensing.  We make certain those requirements are met in a manner that will hold your attention for the full time requirement.  

If you feel you are not fully ready for the range qualification please contact me and let's get you ready.  We have many options to make certain you not only have the best opportunity to pass the course, but feel confident in your knowledge of your firearm.

If you have not yet purchased you own firearm please talk to us first.  Let's make certain the firearm you chose is the right one for you.  Many times we have students tell us they wish someone had helped them with their purchase because shortly after receiving our training they realize they may have made a wrong decision for the type of gun purchased.  We can help prevent that from happening.

We do NOT guarantee you will receive a license from the Texas DPS.  Anyone who makes such a claim is not being fair or honest.  What we can promise is that you will get the help you need to understand the materials, guidance on the range to safely navigate through the range qualification and our best effort to help you with the entire process.

For specific information from the Texas DPS on CHL licensing, see the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions: 



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