Defensive Handgun


 About the Course

The defense of oneself, family and others with a handgun requires the skill and mindset that are far different than target shooting or CHL range qualification.  The dynamic environment of an attack or threat requires the handgun user to train in a setting that teaches fundamental, tactically correct methods of presentation and deployment of lethal force as well as the use of cover.  Participants will move from the casual qualifier toward that of an environmentally alert and prepared citizen.  

 The course is a two class program taking the participant through the fundamentals of weapon use, reactive shooting, defensive strategy and self-survival techniques.  Stress is introduced through timed practical demonstrations of skills taught in class and scenarios introduced to simulate threats.  A careful debriefing at every stage will provide immediate feedback to each participant and help roadmap improvement in threat management preparation.  The course must be taken in order and cannot be “challenged” for credit.

Those choosing to participate MUST understand that this level training is not for the casual gun user with limited skills, marginal safety awareness or for those satisfied with basic gun functionality.    Defensive Handgun is for the person unwilling to accept the possibility that a lack of defensive training could be the difference in survival for themselves or family members in an attack.  

Course Costs

$375 non-refundable per person to be paid at Orientation directly to Texas Gun School:

  • Range fee
  • Instruction
  • Targets

The fee does NOT Include:

  • Ammunition
  • Gun rental if necessary

You Will:

  • Draw from concealment
  • Shoot at multiple targets 
  • Move and shoot
  • Turn and shoot
  • Figure 8 drills
  • 5-5-5 Drill for spot-on accuracy
  • One-hand shooting with strong and support hands
  • Shoot from a prone position and kneeling position
  • Shoot in the dark (when most home invasions take place) using a defensive flashlight
  • Shoot from barriers
  • Shoot quickly from reset increasing the accuracy of your rapid fire defensive shooting string

 Participant Qualifications to Attend Course

  • Must be able to hear instructions clearly and carry out those commands without confusion 
  • If eyeglasses are needed they must be worn at all times.
  • Physically able to stand for four (4) hours with only short breaks. 
  • Physically able to kneel on one or both knees.  Special accommodation can be made for those needing assistance.  
  • Any physical, mental or emotional issues the participant believes may have an impact on his/her ability to train should be discussed prior to signing up for class.
  • Must not be under the influence of any medication, stimulant or substance that alters the ability to clearly understand, articulate and respond to instructions.  

 Special Notices

  • THERE ARE NO CANCELATION REFUNDS GIVEN IF THE CLASS IS HELD!  Once you sign up for class and pay your fee the spot is taken and the fee is non-refundable.  If you miss class for any reason you forfeit the fee.  No exceptions.  
  • Absolutely no visitors are allowed during the course.  ONLY course participants will allowed in the classroom or range during training
  • NO late arrivals to class.  Start time is start time.  Arrive early.  Range doors will be locked.

 Required Equipment

  • Eye and ear protection 
    • Electronic hearing protection is preferred
    • Eye protection must not be tinted.  
    • Cap or visor
      • Must be worn at all times in the range.  
      • Handgun
      • Semi-automatic or revolver of at LEAST 380 caliber and no greater than 45ACP.  
      • No mini-pistols or pocket pistols will be allowed for the course due to safety concerns during holstering and re-holstering.  Guns can be rented at The Gun Zone for the purpose of the course.  If you have questions about this requirement please call before signing up for the class. 
      • Ammunition
        • 350 rounds per session 
        • Must be Gun Zone approved.
        • Quantities listed by each course are the minimum amount expected to use.  You should bring extra ammo so you don’t run out OR if you want to repeat some of the drills
        • If you have questions please contact The Gun Zone for information.  Required round count is listed by each course.
        • Strong-side, outside the waistband (OWB) holster 
        • NO finger retention/release such as a Serpa.  
        • Must be of firm materials able to remain open for the re-holster procedure
        • Four magazines minimum in working order
        • Pouch for two magazine minimum.
        • Not required are suggested for Defensive Handgun 2 and 3.
        • Band-aids
        • Water bottle
        • Snack for energy
  • Holster
  • Magazines and Pouch
  • Elbow and knee pads 
  • Other Equipment to Consider

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