Is a CHL Right For You?

Gaining a Texas Carry License is a very personal decision and one that cannot be taken lightly.  One must face the stark realization that to own and carry a gun means you have decided for yourself:

  1. You are willing and capable of using deadly force as a last resort for self-defense or the defense of others in your immediate proximity.
  2. You are willing and able to continue to train with and maintain your weapon.
  3. You have considered and decided that the repercussions of presenting a gun, whether a shot is fired or not, is something you can live with following the elimination of the threat.
  4. You can live with the financial costs of defending your actions in a court of law.
  5. You are aware that even if you are found fully justified in the use of deadly force to protect yourself, you can still face civil suits and incur costs involved in your civil defense and potential monetary awards to those who attempted to wrong or hurt you.
  6. You understand that your split second decision to use deadly force will be examined months or years later in court by juries and judges who will review your actions and decide if you behaved appropriately and truly used deadly force as a LAST resort. 

If you review these considerations and decide a CHL is for you, join us at Texas Gun School for class. 

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