Ladies, there is no need to be intimidated in a room full of guys who have hunted all their lives! 

We have classes that are perfectly suited for our ladies who are just learning to shoot.  Whether you are a teacher, business woman, soccer mom or someone wanting to join the exciting world of competitive shooting--we have the right class for you

We start at the very beginning with a very small caliber handgun and move up slowly until you are comfortable with a higher power weapon.  We will never rush you to the bigger guns.

Take your time and enjoy the experience!

The environment will be supportive, professional and non-threatening in every way. 
We guarantee you will learn or we will refund you money. 

Give us a call today to discuss your particular needs and let us plug you into a program that will suit your interests and needs.

We offer:

    • Private lessons
    • Small group (get some friends and learn together!)
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