Handgun Training
Whatever your current skill level, we can help improve and sharpen your abilities.

Lessons focus on:

1.     Safe handgun ownership and care
2.     Proper grip
3.     Proper stance
4.     Sight picture and sight alignment
5.     Trigger control and trigger press
6.     Proper loading and unloading
7.     Misfires and the proper attention of various types
8.     Range use and etiquette
9.     Gun selection
10.   Concealment techniques
11.   Shooting from concealment
12.   Shooting from cover
13.   Threat resolution
14.   Concealed License range qualification preparation
INDIVIDUAL TRAINING:  We no longer offer group classes for new shooters.  The ONLY group class we have is the Advanced Class for those with considerable skills and safety training.  All of our training for newer shooters is booked on an hourly basis with an instructor and is on a one-on-one basis.  It is possible to share the hour with one other person at the same hourly rate, but please understand that the instruction time will be shared so each person is basically getting thirty minutes individual training.    

AGE REQUIREMENT: Students without a parent/guardian must be at least 21 years of age.  With a parent/guardian, there is no particular age limitation, but the instructor may determine the appropriateness of under-21 training.  Safety is the number one consideration and shooter well-being will be considered as a major component for children.  We fully support safety and awareness training for young people, but some students may not be emotionally appropriate for such experience. The instructor will make the final determination if training begins or continues for any student, regardless of age.  

  • The rate for hourly training is $45/hour for the instructor to be paid in CASH ONLY at the beginning of the training hour. 
  • In addition, the student will be expected to pay the range fee and target costs.  For range costs, call 214-388-2677 (option 3) for information.
  • Any gun rental and ammunition costs are also to be paid by the student.  The range fee, gun rental and ammunition can be paid directly to The Gun Zone with cash, credit or debit card.  
  • If renting a firearm from The Gun Zone, you MUST purchase ammunition from the range.  
APPOINTMENTS FOR TRAINING: To make an appointment for training, please call 214-704-3329 and speak to Jerry Johnson.  Appointments are available on weekdays and weekends depending on range and instructor availability.
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