Next Steps FOLLOWING Class

1.       Collect any paperwork needed to apply for your license.          

  • LTC-100 form with two instructor signatures
  • Proof of residency if needed
  • DD-214 if claiming military experience

2.    Make certain your LTC-100 has two instructor signatures. One each for classroom and range completion.  

3.    Go to the Texas DPS site and complete the online application.  The application shortcut can be found by clicking on the following link:

4.    After you complete the application and answer the questions on the pages that follow, you will pay the appropriate Texas fee.  Make certain to print and keep the receipt page with the large barcode on the top.  

5.    An email will follow shortly after your application is completed with a link to make an appointment for fingerprinting.  Click on the link provided in the email and make your appointment with IdentoGO.  If you have any difficulty making your fingerprinting appointment, you can call the IdentoGO customer service number for help.  Their number is:

 888-467-2080 (fingerprinting help line).

6.    After you complete the LTC course, shooting proficiency and required fingerprinting, you will FAX the required forms to the DPS at:

512-424-7284 (application help line).

The forms you must fax are:

  • LTC-100 (course paperwork with two instructor signatures and your signature on the bottom) 
  • DPS application receipt page with the barcode
  • DD214 if you plan to take advantage of the military discount

7.    Average processing time for LTC applications without complication is three to four weeks. 

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