What To Expect In Class

Our classes are informed, fun and interactive.  We conform to the Texas Statutes and Rules for granting LTC licenses by the State of Texas.  You can expect a full class and range experience taught by instructors who are not only experienced shooters, but experienced speakers and educators as well.  That can make all the difference in what you take away from the course. 

  1. There are NO shortcuts. Texas Gun School LTC classes begin at 7:45am.  We provide breaks every hour and plenty of diversions to keep you awake, interested and engaged.  Classes will be conducted with a combination of lectures from Texas Certified LTC Instructors, videos that highlight teaching points and for some classes there are approved guest lecturers.  Participants will be given written materials that carefully outline the teaching points and follow the course outline.
  2. Successfully pass range qualification demonstrating proficiency with a firearm. We will guide you through the 50 shot proficiency demonstration step by step.  If you feel you need some advance help with this portion of the process just ask.  We have various short class and training to help you become a safe gun owner. 

Texas Gun School makes no claim that any student is guaranteed a passing score on the written or range qualification portions of our program.  Likewise, we make no claim or assurances regarding background checks by the State of Texas DPS.  If you have any question or reason to believe you will not pass the mandatory background check process it is strongly advised that you wait until your background shows clear online prior to paying for class with Texas Front Sight. 
Once a fee has been paid for class there will be NO REFUNDS for any reason.


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